Sunday, February 15, 2015

Flower Flower [2015] (ep) Shiki (色)

flower flower is a band formed by 'solo' artist yui who i liked a lot for the most part. aside from yui probably the most notable member is the bassist for ego-wrappin'. ultimately i was severely underwhelmed by the whimsical, quiet nature of the ep, which is a concept album i guess with each song representing a different season. the whole thing came off as bland, contrived, and poppy. meh.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression

mol-74 [2015] (album) Ettou No March (越冬のマーチ)

all i could think while listening to this was 'coldplay'. soft, mellow, sweeping vocal melodies. it was pretty and relaxing and all that. a solid release if you like pussy music. i do sometimes. don't tell anyone.

voodoo says 7/10 on first impression

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tokyo Karan Koron (東京カランコロン) [2015] (album) Ututu

because i feel like it, tonight you get a little history lesson. from about 2001 to 2010 i was completely, 100%, hopelessly obsessed with japanese music, actively collecting and archiving it like a madman. around 2010 or 2011 i had started to give up on the endeavor realizing that there was no way i could stay ahead of the curve with the unending stream of new releases and the unending well of past releases that were still being uncovered. most of the file sharing places and most of the sharers had lost (or never had) any kind of quality control over japanese releases and things just got to be a real mess. i was also focusing on other things in my life, and one thing led to another and while i was still actively listening to my gigantic collection all the time and turning my attention toward buying actual cds, my efforts in downloading new stuff basically completely disappeared. until now. and while i have little hope of catching up on the vastness of the last 5 years (and there simply aren't the same resources on the web as there were 5 years ago, with no blogs and forums and such, and trackers having lost a ton of that material over time... if only there were other archivers out there like myself who had it all nice and tidy for me to grab...), i do intend to get back into the game to some degree. and doing so turns up bands like tokyo karan koron, who appeared on the scene in 2010 and have released numerous albums since then. i'm bummed they haven't been in my playlists the last 5 years, cuz this album fucking rocks. and seeing when these guys came out and how much i've missed is what sparked the train of thought for the above rant. and i'm sure there are hundreds of other bands that i've missed out on and many of them i may never get a chance to catch up on.. so i just have to celebrate the ones i do.  this album is high energy fun from start to finish, and if this is what their 6th album sounds like, i sure as hell need to go back and try out their first few. you should too.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Michael Giacchino [2015] (ost) Jupiter Ascending

listening to this ost was an interesting exercise for me. normally when i listen to film scores it is for films i have already seen and enjoyed and normally i let the coupling of the memories of the film, its story, and my fondness for the music take me on a journey back into the story or to aid me in my own imagination. i don't often think about scores in any sort of critical terms (at least not beyond this is awesome, or this is boring), and as i listen to this album i feel like scores for some reason have a completely different set of criteria than any kind of rock music. i find myself at a loss in terms of measuring a score in any sense. i can't comment on its measurability within its own 'genre' or against other composers or era's of scores or anything like that, because i've simply never thought about that. for me film scores have always been about taking time to imagine stories with the music, or to set dramatic moods. so while most of my critiques and gut reactions are about how satisfied the music makes me feel, that seems to not quite have the same quality when talking about film scores. so, i'm just going to throw that whole thought process right out the window, and i am not even really sure why i am telling you... really i'm just working through it in my own brain as i go.... 'thinking out loud' if you will..

so, i have not seen the film jupiter ascending yet, but i was very much in the mood for a film score to add to the blog since its been a while since i've made time to listen to any. with the above thought process initially underway i had given more thought to that than to letting the music take me to other places. so i gave up thinking about how to approach the soundtrack and just let it take me away about halfway through. my gut says this is a really good soundtrack. there's a lot of movement, a lot of ideas, a lot of variability and provocations throughout, and it sounds really great and powerful. there are catchy moments here and there, but better than that there aren't any dull moments. i have definitely heard a lot of soundtracks where there is one or maybe two central themes that dominate the score and have variations built off of those to make up the rest of it or where the one or two primary themes are just surrounded by really uninspired filler and those are usually poor soundtracks in my opinion. jupiter ascending does not fall into those traps, but rather feels fresh and imaginative throughout its full 2 cd span. its dynamic range is well utilized and well stated, but never annoyingly vast where you can't hear the quiet bits and then are frightened by enormity of the loud bits. see! these are things you don't really engage with when talking about rock music. all in all, i had a very pleasant listening experience with this release and even though it doesn't have a really powerful or identifiable theme to go 'ah! jupiter ascending score! i love this!', it does have all the elements i need to get swept off into dreamland while i'm listening, so it's a winner.

voodoo says 7/10 on first impression

Marshall Art [2015] (album) Marshall Art

my apologies for no posts this week. its been a week from hell at work (i thought last week would be the end of it, but unfortunately i was wrong). been working 11.5 hour days, getting home (or going to a friend's house), eating dinner and fucking crashing. so, no time for blogging. despite this being my only day off and spending it mostly out with friends i thought i'd take the opportunity of my couple hours to myself to pop on a new album.

chiptune is an incredibly beautiful and fun form of music in my opinion and i guess i haven't really sought it out so it doesn't seem like there is as much of it out there as there should be, but its probably just that i haven't bothered looking. there are numerous artists whom i have stumbled upon and USUALLY they are very good. sometimes people can even fuck that up and make bland or uninspired music, but usually i find that people who bother to spend the time figuring out how to make chiptune stuff make pretty fucking cool music. marshall art falls into this category of cool artists. the thing i really love about this album is that it isn't traditional chiptunery. it doesn't sound like video game music, but rather like an amalgamation of various kinds of rock music smooshed together with a cinematic sort of vibe, yet with the pleasant sounds of chiptunes AND real guitars. i listened to this twice in a row, and then spun the final epic 20 minute track a third time. just a fucking beautiful album. fuck it, this might be my favorite release of the year so far. top 10 potential for the year. i don't want it to end.

voodoo says 9/10 on first impression

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Place To Bury Strangers [2015] (album) Transfixiation

i love that there are still bands who make albums in the spirit of post punk and new wave. there's a lot of them, but few of them really embrace the minimal yet noisy atmosphere while still maintaining good pop song phrasing and composition. aptbs has done just that, and it is really successful. they've got the fat bass grooves. they've got crazy out there guitars making lots of noise, and they've got a great vocalist. this is a totally stellar album.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Naoko Kobayashi (小林奈央子) [2015] (album) Jet Engine Model

wow!  i feel like i was on kind of a cold streak there for a bit, but two great albums tonight plus ali project last night.. feelin good! japan saves the day. naoko seems to be kind of a newcomer as far as i can tell, but she's really good. her music has enough rock elements to it to give it some good energy, but she's really got a good vibe for a pop-ish singer songwriter type thing. i love these shorter albums. i don't get bored halfway through and i even go back and spin it a second time and get a little more familiar with the material. this one is 7 sweet tracks clocking in at under 25 minutes. it feels fresh and motivated. she doesn't sound like she is imitating anyone or recycling shit. she's got some shit she wants to do and she's doin it, and i like it.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Kyuso Nekokami (キュウソネコカミ) [2015] (album) Happy Ponkotsu Land (ハッピーポンコツランド)

its really hard for me to dish out 9's or anywhere near a 10 because really to be that good you need to not only be awesome, but withstand the test of time as well. when i was younger your selection of music was much smaller.. the radio, your own personal cd collection (well... i got started on cassettes, but never you mind), shit you could bum from your friends, mix tapes... so it was easy to know something by heart and judge how many songs never got old and how solid the album was after years of wear. for me, most of that stuff is now dead, beaten to death from over use. coinciding with that we now have unlimited amounts of music.. and i'm the kind of person that likes to hear new shit ALL THE TIME. that ultimately leads to never really getting particularly intimate with any given release, and really this makes me fuckin sad. all that aside though, we're here to talk about kyuso nekokami's 2015 release, 'happy ponkotsu land'. that introduction basically serves up my very first 9 rating. i'm going to ignore any kind of test of time and just say, you know what? this album FUCKING ROCKS. and you know what? maybe over time it slides to an 8. but i feel like judging this on it's own, and up against it's competition, this album deserves to be in the elite. this album encapsulates the core ideas behind my love for japanese music. it is fast, happy, weird, upbeat, dance-able, it rocks, and it just makes me feel good. the whole thing is only 7 tracks deep and less than a half-hour long, but that's ok. that's another thing the japanese rock at. they show up, they make shit, and then they'll be back in a few months or a year with another release. none of this waiting 3 or 4 years between records. for instance, kyuso nekokami has released 5 albums in the last 4 years. find me an american band that's done that! anyway, this album is weird and fun and has tons of energy. and i love it, even if it is a tiny bit poppy.

voodoo says 9/10 on first impression

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jupiter [2015] (album) The History Of Genesis

this is basically Versailles reborn, and they are pretty solid. heavy and fast power metal with fairly typical vk vocals, blending melodic vocals with screams and growls. i find myself without anything witty, sarcastic, riveting or sophisticated to say about this release... which might suggest mediocrity. but i think i'm just overtired. this album is good. yup. i can't seem to find anything that i want to go back to immediately though, so it falls just barely shy of 7 i guess.

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

Ali Project [2015] (album) Violetta Operetta

maybe i am just excited to get a taste of something completely different, or maybe it's just because ali project is that fucking good, but this album fucking owns. it's absolutely beautiful. neo classical at its absolute best. i had quite a few music history courses over my scholastic career and i learned a lot about classical music. there are times when i really love it, but i also find it really amusing that so many people hold classical music in such high regard and recognize those composers as absolute genius (and i'm not arguing that, mind you), but artists like ali project are just.. disregarded completely. this is one guy and one girl making fucking incredible classic, operatic material. where's the love? i think the same goes for a lot of game and film composers. they just don't get the credit they should. it's a genre that i think just gets swept under the carpet and taken for granted. maybe its because it is the most ancient form of music that we really understand and everyone has 'been there and done that' or maybe its because we don't take time to pay attention to it the way we would rock or jazz, and i dunno why. whatever the case may be, this album is a must have if you give a shit about any type of classical sound.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Be Damned!

so the first month of 2015 is drawing to a close! i have managed to keep a pace well above an album a day average which is pretty damn cool, but i'm also very quickly falling behind all the releases i have to check out. i do pick and choose what i actually listen to in hopes of finding cool new music or seeing what classic artists are up to, and sometimes like with the jpop stuff i am trying to expand my horizons a little and try new things, so ultimately i'd be surprised if i get to many 0's, 1's or 2's, cuz i'm usually in territory that should be passable. perhaps i should grab some random weird looking shit from time to time just to see if i get any real atrocious stuff.. but frankly i don't have a lot of time for that.  i also haven't found any real gems yet which is kind of sad. there have been some pretty sweet albums (look at the 7's and 8's), but no game changers, instant classics or favorite album potentials. i know that stuff often needs to grow on you, but i haven't heard anything that seems that good yet. hopefully we'll find some. i have to balance my very limited free time with new music and old music though. some of you may be stumbling here for who knows what reason and not know my other blog or interests, but i think many of you are here because of my japanese music blog. i am always CONSTANTLY digging through the depths of japanese music history and sharing my findings there, and i definitely haven't been giving that enough attention.

anyway, so through the month of january so far i'd say the biggest smelliest turd is papa roach. that shit just turns me off. it's everything that's wrong with mainstream heavy music. on the other end of the spectrum i think boppatsu has set the high water mark so far with just a fun, high energy, balls out punk garage album. love it.

i hope anyone stopping by is enjoying my review of 2015. i haven't seen any comments of anyone agreeing or disagreeing or giving any kind of shits whatsoever. and that's cool. fuck you.


Periphery [2015] (album) Juggernaut: Alpha

I had to read about djent music to know what i was getting into with periphery. there are a million and one metal bands these days and to be honest i've really lost most of my interest in the genre over the last decade. it used to be my #1. but then it went crazy and following the rabbit down the hole was almost impossible. sub genre after sub genre erupted and mimicry went crazy. then these crazy assholes decided that they were all going to be insanely technical and go progressive. and you get a bunch of crazy shit. and you can't deny that so many of these bands are insanely talented. but finding the ones who make music that gets ME going is a tough chore. i usually end up just hearing douchebag wankery instead of good music. anyway.. backstory be damned, we're here to talk about periphery for the moment. i guess my point to the backstory is, i don't really give a shit about periphery. i don't like the vocals. i don't like the drifting around between metal, prog and ambient. i don't like the energy. prog metal is just so technical and abstract that i can't find any places to get a footing, and while the technical aspects can be intriguing to try and figure out, they are buried in a genre that is to abrasive. i found myself wondering more about how come there's not 8 piece acoustic groups making prog rock with clarinets and saxophones and acoustic guitars and shit. i feel like i could get behind that more than some dudes whining and screaming.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression

Papa Roach [2015] (album) F.E.A.R.

the only thing you have to fear about this album is it's producer. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE. this shit is so over produced it sounds the way chewing on aluminum foil feels. its like squeezing fake tits. like eating mcdonalds. shit sucks man. it must suck to be a drummer for a band and they don't even ask you to record real drums on their album. 'we're just gonna program this one... learn it so you can play it live though'.  ANYWAY. i'm not a big roach fan, but i don't hate them (i used to, but i got over it). maybe i should hate them though. this shit sucks. but there have been a couple tracks along the way that i enjoy. This guys lyrics fucking suck though. holy shit. they should make a genre called songs for depressed teenagers who wear eyeliner. papa roach would be king. i was a depressed teenager a lot of the time though (without the eyeliner), and i would have hated this shit. fuck it. BALL SACK.

voodoo says 2/10 on first impression

The Band Apart [2015] (album) Nazo No Open World (謎のオープンワールド)

the band apart was a big deal when indie rock took the japanese scene by storm 10 or so years ago. i like indie rock. i like it just fine. there are some bands that i LOVE. but the band apart is not one of them. they've got a sound i just can't get in to. at times its almost elevator-ish. this album is no different. there are moments here and there where i can appreciate parts of a song. but ultimately... this shit smells bad.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression

Secondwall [2015] (ep) Voice

indie meets emo meets pop is just a poor decision in my musical world. i can't get behind this tepid shit even if i wanted to. its like... almost likeable.. i just.. i dunno. something about it just rubs me the wrong way. there's a lot of this music in the indie scene that sounds like this and its never been my jam.

voodoo says 4/10 on first impression

Biscotti [2015] (album) 33

mmm. well the album starts off deceivingly with high energy sort of indie pop rock that would make for a great summer afternoon playlist. the rest of the album doesn't carry that same energy, but it's still good. its fairly minimal in its acoustic-ish indie pop vibe and the focus is definitely on the vocals, which are quite nice. while i found the whole experience to be quite soothing, nothing really jumped out to me as catchy and playlist worthy. totally a good chill out album if you just need something in the background. but not something you can really sink your teeth into otherwise. only a couple of the closing tracks were too pop for my tastes and totally skip-able.

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lamp In Terren [2015] (album) Silver Lining

the only good thing i got out of listening to this was to know that i never need to give lamp in terren another thought in my life. so bloody generic and forgettable that it hurt my feelings.

voodoo says 3/10 on first impression

Flower Companyz [2015] (album) Stayin' Alive

These guy have been around since the mid 90's though i had never gotten around to them. they always seemed one of those pop rock sorta popular major label groups which usually proved much less interesting than other stuff. i was really surprised to find this album really enjoyable. its not great. it doesn't get you rockin' or singing along or anything. but its a damn solid rock album. there was more than enough energy and variation to push me into the positive on this.

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

Guster [2015] (album) Evermotion

I remember Guster was a big deal around here in the 90's cuz they were from the new england area so they were kinda almost like a hometown band, which was a big deal cuz there aren't many of those 'round here. i never was really into them. they kind of annoyed me actually. but i think if i went back to those early records now i would probably like them well enough. so i was mildly excited to spin this one. .....   i think i have dishes to go wash.

voodoo says 4/10 on first impression.

The Dodos [2015] (album) Individ

what a fucking snoozer of an album. its like eating raw dry oatmeal or painting a landscape with only the color white (actually that would be more interesting). fuuuuuuuck. turd city. i could see one track out of this whole shit sandwich that could potentially be worth my time and that's the fluttery track 4 'competition'. that's it. eat dick.

voodoo says 3/10 on first impression

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Belle And Sebastian [2015] (album) Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

Belle And Sebastian are one of those indie rock groups that have been around for ages that i simply never got exposed to. i don't know how groups as popular as them never got run by me somehow. no major radio singles? no friends who were really into them? i dunno. but as per the whole point of this blog, i was excited to see them put a release out this year cuz now i have an excuse to give them a spin. i'm sure someone who has listened to their vast catalog would have a tremendously different perspective on this album than someone like myself, a B&S first timer. i find myself really at a loss for clever words with this one. its just really relaxing and pleasant and a real pleasure to have playing. i find myself with yet another album that holistically makes sense and feels great, but dissected into the individual songs wouldn't give me much to grab onto. there's nothing here i want to put on again immediately or have in a hot song playlist. but even so, as an album in its entirety its rock solid and it gives me reason enough to someday spin through their whole discography.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Small Leaks Sink Ships [2015] (album) Face Yourself, And Remove Your Sandals

hm. i've had just an absolutely killer (bad) week at work, and so as i let my back try to relax (took a spill on the ice today) i was looking for a mellow sort of album to spin. these guys seemed to fit the bill. i was satisfied to find a fairly unique sounding group. the vocalist feels more like a folk vocalist similar to a lot of the indie folk movement that's going on right now. musically the group plays out more like a post rock sort of thing, but somehow staying close to the folkishness of the vocalist. its an interesting combination to me and i found myself really enjoying it. these are not the kinds of songs that i seek out as favorites to put on to sing to or to get jazzed up by. but i can absolutely see this album being one of those quiet post rock comforts that you go to when you just need to unwind. the only real criticism i have is the solid 35 minutes of really quiet piano-fronted tracks at the end of the album. i was actually very soothed almost into sleep by them.. but they are dangerously close to being boring if not in the right mood. they do wind up the album back at the folky sounds though, which is a nice bookend for the album i think. i frequently find myself bored by math rock or post rock groups (a lot of wannabe's following in the footsteps of some of the big players that got the scene going), but these guys have top notch qualities and absolutely their own sound and vibe.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Aphex Twin [2015] (album) Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

I don't love aphex twin like a lot of people love aphex twin. i was blown away by some of his material in the 90's and loved a lot of his conceptual work in his videos, but i was never a fanboy like so many people. i think mostly because i don't care about electronic music a ton. I can't immediately find confirmation that the title of this release is truly descriptive of his process, but it certainly sounds like it, and it's impressive. i feel like most of this album is more demonstrative or experimental than actual composition of songs. many of the tracks are short and singular in their idea and construction. but the fact remains, the sounds are interesting and the process behind them is, if you care to take the time, remarkably intriguing to imagine and visualize. that the process behind this production strikes so close to my own personal interests in audio design, it probably scores and extra point on my scale.

voodoo says 7/10 on first impression

Bonjour Suzuki (ボンジュール鈴木) [2015] (ep) Watashi Kobuta Chick (私こぶたちっく)

i think the sole purpose of bonjour suzuki is to sing like chara. its been a long while since i listened to chara, but i remember a lot of her earlier pop music being sung in seductive whispers. bonjour comes off as soft and fluffy dream pop that at first i sort of scoffed at, but ultimately decided i didn't mind. i think it's the fault of the vocals. they are kind of fucking great. i feel like if you put this on for someone who wasn't accustomed to japanese music they would laugh at you. forever. and that's why i don't play japanese music for people.

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

Friday, January 23, 2015

Enter Shikari [2015] (album) The Mindsweep

i enjoy the mishmash of rock, hardcore (screamo), hip hop and electronic genres and i like the lead vocalist quite a bit.. his screams remind me of one of my favorite crossover groups... but ultimately i think these guys suffer from being TOO mishmash. their electronic sounds don't feel consistently realized (and i think a little too overused.. you are a band after all, right?) which makes it feel kind of experimental or like its trial and error and they are feeling their way through trying to get to the actual sound they want. the actual heavy hardcore part feels almost like an afterthought.. and maybe it is, i dunno. i think i would have liked it better if it went in the other direction. the melodic passages (i'm assuming by other guys in the band?) often feel a little out of place to me. sometimes they are really nice and blend well with whatever else is going on.. but sometimes they just feel a little jammed in there. while i was intrigued by the chemical makeup of the band (so to speak), i couldn't find a lot to really get behind.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression

Night Riots [2015] (ep) Howl

I feel like i know exactly how this bad exists. I had a friend who was a natural born vocalist who moved to the city to be in a band like this, and his producers would pick and choose and piece together the guys around him. and when you hear the stories about how that shit actually works and goes down, its kind of depressing. but anyway, i actually think these guys are really fucking good. their music feels kind of.. factory made.. if you will.. but regardless of whoever composed it, its good, and fits the vocals well. the vocals are the real deal here though. he's got some good and catchy melodies, but his voice is pretty unbelievable. i hate to be cliche, but the first thing i think of is robert smith from the cure, except this guy doesn't have an accent. its like, if robert smith and the cure were 20 years old RIGHT NOW in this time and place and in this musical universe, they might sound like this. I feel like these guys are a better version of a lot of the popular bands that are on the *gag* radio right now.

voodoo says 7/10 on first impression

96Neko (96猫) [2015] (album) Brand New...

i (not so) secretly keep trying pop albums to find some shit to get some low scores... you know... i feel like it's valuable to experience some shit to make the good stuff taste better. and jpop is notoriously difficult for me to really embrace. pop music in general really. but ever since i went to audio engineering school i find myself more appreciative of what pop music is doing (musically), and really the big thing that hangs me up with WESTERN pop is the image and lyrics. it's pretty pitiful most of the time. with japanese the lyrics don't matter to my brain and the image is usually just plain adorable.. i don't have to worry much about the social implications. so naivety wins. ignorance is bliss. yeah baby. so ANYWAY.. i keep sadistically trying out these jpop albums, and i find myself rather enjoying them to some small degree. 96neko is impressive due to her sexy vocal range being able to dip pretty damn deep. but honestly, musically there are a lot of cool ideas going on. a good deal of it i find myself pretty damn impartial.. but every once in a while a more melodic bit or a hyper techno track (track 7 for the win) will tickle me a little bit. there is literally an endless supply of music like this out there though.. so i'm sorry, but i'm not going to seek it out. but periodically when stuff like this lands in my lap, i'll give it a whirl.

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kuso Iinkai (空想委員会) [2015] (ep) Kuuso Katakoi Makuranososhi (空想片恋枕草子)

I have realized over the years that i really wish i could dance. like, really dance. and i love rock music that you COULD dance to, if anyone danced to rock music. well Kuso Iinkai is that kind of music. and i love it. you should too. i also love that nerds are cool shit in japan.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

Boppatsu (勃発) [2015] (album) Zenbu Aitsu No Sei (全部アイツのせい)

yeah man. fuckin thank you. motherfuckers who like to rock. check out these nerdy fucking freaks on youtube man. jesus. fuck you guys. listen to this shit. garage punk by some fuckers who know how to make some shit. p.s. their name means 'outbreak'. FUCK YOU LISTEN TO THEM.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

The Decemberists [2015] (album) What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

I'm not overly familiar with the decemberists catalog. when the first song started i was immediately frightened that i was going to get a quiet minimalist folk album. by the time that first song ended i was relieved to find that was not going to be the case. then the second song started. i was immediately frightened that the rest of the album would be infused with that AWFUL 70's folk rock sound... the fuckin nasty shit orchestra sound. but somehow throughout the song they got it to work and not make me want to barf. then i got to sit back and enjoy the ride for a while with a really fucking great album... at least for a few songs. then they fuckin went minimal on me and i god damn nearly fell asleep. track 8 and 9 really fucking redeemed them though with some friggin killer folk songs and the rest of the album kept a pretty good pace (well the last two were kinda snoozers).  wtf  look, i get that sometimes people like to make slow quiet beautiful songs.. that's great. i dunno. i just feel like those songs should at least be something that stirs some kind of emotion besides frustration. maybe you should want to sing along or something. shit. make a fucking album that is cool all the way through, shitheads.  the high points can get pretty high. but damn the lows get low. so.. shit. there were moments when i was feeling 8. and others where i was feeling 4. sooo..

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression