Saturday, January 24, 2015

Aphex Twin [2015] (album) Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

I don't love aphex twin like a lot of people love aphex twin. i was blown away by some of his material in the 90's and loved a lot of his conceptual work in his videos, but i was never a fanboy like so many people. i think mostly because i don't care about electronic music a ton. I can't immediately find confirmation that the title of this release is truly descriptive of his process, but it certainly sounds like it, and it's impressive. i feel like most of this album is more demonstrative or experimental than actual composition of songs. many of the tracks are short and singular in their idea and construction. but the fact remains, the sounds are interesting and the process behind them is, if you care to take the time, remarkably intriguing to imagine and visualize. that the process behind this production strikes so close to my own personal interests in audio design, it probably scores and extra point on my scale.

voodoo says 7/10 on first impression

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