Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ali Project [2015] (album) Violetta Operetta

maybe i am just excited to get a taste of something completely different, or maybe it's just because ali project is that fucking good, but this album fucking owns. it's absolutely beautiful. neo classical at its absolute best. i had quite a few music history courses over my scholastic career and i learned a lot about classical music. there are times when i really love it, but i also find it really amusing that so many people hold classical music in such high regard and recognize those composers as absolute genius (and i'm not arguing that, mind you), but artists like ali project are just.. disregarded completely. this is one guy and one girl making fucking incredible classic, operatic material. where's the love? i think the same goes for a lot of game and film composers. they just don't get the credit they should. it's a genre that i think just gets swept under the carpet and taken for granted. maybe its because it is the most ancient form of music that we really understand and everyone has 'been there and done that' or maybe its because we don't take time to pay attention to it the way we would rock or jazz, and i dunno why. whatever the case may be, this album is a must have if you give a shit about any type of classical sound.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

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