Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Be Damned!

so the first month of 2015 is drawing to a close! i have managed to keep a pace well above an album a day average which is pretty damn cool, but i'm also very quickly falling behind all the releases i have to check out. i do pick and choose what i actually listen to in hopes of finding cool new music or seeing what classic artists are up to, and sometimes like with the jpop stuff i am trying to expand my horizons a little and try new things, so ultimately i'd be surprised if i get to many 0's, 1's or 2's, cuz i'm usually in territory that should be passable. perhaps i should grab some random weird looking shit from time to time just to see if i get any real atrocious stuff.. but frankly i don't have a lot of time for that.  i also haven't found any real gems yet which is kind of sad. there have been some pretty sweet albums (look at the 7's and 8's), but no game changers, instant classics or favorite album potentials. i know that stuff often needs to grow on you, but i haven't heard anything that seems that good yet. hopefully we'll find some. i have to balance my very limited free time with new music and old music though. some of you may be stumbling here for who knows what reason and not know my other blog or interests, but i think many of you are here because of my japanese music blog. i am always CONSTANTLY digging through the depths of japanese music history and sharing my findings there, and i definitely haven't been giving that enough attention.

anyway, so through the month of january so far i'd say the biggest smelliest turd is papa roach. that shit just turns me off. it's everything that's wrong with mainstream heavy music. on the other end of the spectrum i think boppatsu has set the high water mark so far with just a fun, high energy, balls out punk garage album. love it.

i hope anyone stopping by is enjoying my review of 2015. i haven't seen any comments of anyone agreeing or disagreeing or giving any kind of shits whatsoever. and that's cool. fuck you.


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