Thursday, January 29, 2015

Periphery [2015] (album) Juggernaut: Alpha

I had to read about djent music to know what i was getting into with periphery. there are a million and one metal bands these days and to be honest i've really lost most of my interest in the genre over the last decade. it used to be my #1. but then it went crazy and following the rabbit down the hole was almost impossible. sub genre after sub genre erupted and mimicry went crazy. then these crazy assholes decided that they were all going to be insanely technical and go progressive. and you get a bunch of crazy shit. and you can't deny that so many of these bands are insanely talented. but finding the ones who make music that gets ME going is a tough chore. i usually end up just hearing douchebag wankery instead of good music. anyway.. backstory be damned, we're here to talk about periphery for the moment. i guess my point to the backstory is, i don't really give a shit about periphery. i don't like the vocals. i don't like the drifting around between metal, prog and ambient. i don't like the energy. prog metal is just so technical and abstract that i can't find any places to get a footing, and while the technical aspects can be intriguing to try and figure out, they are buried in a genre that is to abrasive. i found myself wondering more about how come there's not 8 piece acoustic groups making prog rock with clarinets and saxophones and acoustic guitars and shit. i feel like i could get behind that more than some dudes whining and screaming.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression

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