Thursday, January 29, 2015

Papa Roach [2015] (album) F.E.A.R.

the only thing you have to fear about this album is it's producer. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE. this shit is so over produced it sounds the way chewing on aluminum foil feels. its like squeezing fake tits. like eating mcdonalds. shit sucks man. it must suck to be a drummer for a band and they don't even ask you to record real drums on their album. 'we're just gonna program this one... learn it so you can play it live though'.  ANYWAY. i'm not a big roach fan, but i don't hate them (i used to, but i got over it). maybe i should hate them though. this shit sucks. but there have been a couple tracks along the way that i enjoy. This guys lyrics fucking suck though. holy shit. they should make a genre called songs for depressed teenagers who wear eyeliner. papa roach would be king. i was a depressed teenager a lot of the time though (without the eyeliner), and i would have hated this shit. fuck it. BALL SACK.

voodoo says 2/10 on first impression

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