Friday, January 23, 2015

Enter Shikari [2015] (album) The Mindsweep

i enjoy the mishmash of rock, hardcore (screamo), hip hop and electronic genres and i like the lead vocalist quite a bit.. his screams remind me of one of my favorite crossover groups... but ultimately i think these guys suffer from being TOO mishmash. their electronic sounds don't feel consistently realized (and i think a little too overused.. you are a band after all, right?) which makes it feel kind of experimental or like its trial and error and they are feeling their way through trying to get to the actual sound they want. the actual heavy hardcore part feels almost like an afterthought.. and maybe it is, i dunno. i think i would have liked it better if it went in the other direction. the melodic passages (i'm assuming by other guys in the band?) often feel a little out of place to me. sometimes they are really nice and blend well with whatever else is going on.. but sometimes they just feel a little jammed in there. while i was intrigued by the chemical makeup of the band (so to speak), i couldn't find a lot to really get behind.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression

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