Friday, January 23, 2015

Night Riots [2015] (ep) Howl

I feel like i know exactly how this bad exists. I had a friend who was a natural born vocalist who moved to the city to be in a band like this, and his producers would pick and choose and piece together the guys around him. and when you hear the stories about how that shit actually works and goes down, its kind of depressing. but anyway, i actually think these guys are really fucking good. their music feels kind of.. factory made.. if you will.. but regardless of whoever composed it, its good, and fits the vocals well. the vocals are the real deal here though. he's got some good and catchy melodies, but his voice is pretty unbelievable. i hate to be cliche, but the first thing i think of is robert smith from the cure, except this guy doesn't have an accent. its like, if robert smith and the cure were 20 years old RIGHT NOW in this time and place and in this musical universe, they might sound like this. I feel like these guys are a better version of a lot of the popular bands that are on the *gag* radio right now.

voodoo says 7/10 on first impression

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