Friday, January 23, 2015

96Neko (96猫) [2015] (album) Brand New...

i (not so) secretly keep trying pop albums to find some shit to get some low scores... you know... i feel like it's valuable to experience some shit to make the good stuff taste better. and jpop is notoriously difficult for me to really embrace. pop music in general really. but ever since i went to audio engineering school i find myself more appreciative of what pop music is doing (musically), and really the big thing that hangs me up with WESTERN pop is the image and lyrics. it's pretty pitiful most of the time. with japanese the lyrics don't matter to my brain and the image is usually just plain adorable.. i don't have to worry much about the social implications. so naivety wins. ignorance is bliss. yeah baby. so ANYWAY.. i keep sadistically trying out these jpop albums, and i find myself rather enjoying them to some small degree. 96neko is impressive due to her sexy vocal range being able to dip pretty damn deep. but honestly, musically there are a lot of cool ideas going on. a good deal of it i find myself pretty damn impartial.. but every once in a while a more melodic bit or a hyper techno track (track 7 for the win) will tickle me a little bit. there is literally an endless supply of music like this out there though.. so i'm sorry, but i'm not going to seek it out. but periodically when stuff like this lands in my lap, i'll give it a whirl.

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

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