Saturday, January 24, 2015

Belle And Sebastian [2015] (album) Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

Belle And Sebastian are one of those indie rock groups that have been around for ages that i simply never got exposed to. i don't know how groups as popular as them never got run by me somehow. no major radio singles? no friends who were really into them? i dunno. but as per the whole point of this blog, i was excited to see them put a release out this year cuz now i have an excuse to give them a spin. i'm sure someone who has listened to their vast catalog would have a tremendously different perspective on this album than someone like myself, a B&S first timer. i find myself really at a loss for clever words with this one. its just really relaxing and pleasant and a real pleasure to have playing. i find myself with yet another album that holistically makes sense and feels great, but dissected into the individual songs wouldn't give me much to grab onto. there's nothing here i want to put on again immediately or have in a hot song playlist. but even so, as an album in its entirety its rock solid and it gives me reason enough to someday spin through their whole discography.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

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