Sunday, February 15, 2015

Flower Flower [2015] (ep) Shiki (色)

flower flower is a band formed by 'solo' artist yui who i liked a lot for the most part. aside from yui probably the most notable member is the bassist for ego-wrappin'. ultimately i was severely underwhelmed by the whimsical, quiet nature of the ep, which is a concept album i guess with each song representing a different season. the whole thing came off as bland, contrived, and poppy. meh.

voodoo says 5/10 on first impression


  1. How do you download shit from Voodoovault? I just can't figure it out.

  2. While I am not exactly ecstatic to see the above comment - at least I am not going insane, knowing that I am not the only one who is at a loss as far as any download links go.

    Please let us in on the secret as I so so want to hear the C.Memi + Neo Matisse ‎album as well as the other posts (I am guessing the links have been taken down and I just hope it was on the part of the blogger, not the copyright cops, though I imagine and hope obscure Japanese releases are pretty low on the DMCA scale!

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