Monday, February 2, 2015

Kyuso Nekokami (キュウソネコカミ) [2015] (album) Happy Ponkotsu Land (ハッピーポンコツランド)

its really hard for me to dish out 9's or anywhere near a 10 because really to be that good you need to not only be awesome, but withstand the test of time as well. when i was younger your selection of music was much smaller.. the radio, your own personal cd collection (well... i got started on cassettes, but never you mind), shit you could bum from your friends, mix tapes... so it was easy to know something by heart and judge how many songs never got old and how solid the album was after years of wear. for me, most of that stuff is now dead, beaten to death from over use. coinciding with that we now have unlimited amounts of music.. and i'm the kind of person that likes to hear new shit ALL THE TIME. that ultimately leads to never really getting particularly intimate with any given release, and really this makes me fuckin sad. all that aside though, we're here to talk about kyuso nekokami's 2015 release, 'happy ponkotsu land'. that introduction basically serves up my very first 9 rating. i'm going to ignore any kind of test of time and just say, you know what? this album FUCKING ROCKS. and you know what? maybe over time it slides to an 8. but i feel like judging this on it's own, and up against it's competition, this album deserves to be in the elite. this album encapsulates the core ideas behind my love for japanese music. it is fast, happy, weird, upbeat, dance-able, it rocks, and it just makes me feel good. the whole thing is only 7 tracks deep and less than a half-hour long, but that's ok. that's another thing the japanese rock at. they show up, they make shit, and then they'll be back in a few months or a year with another release. none of this waiting 3 or 4 years between records. for instance, kyuso nekokami has released 5 albums in the last 4 years. find me an american band that's done that! anyway, this album is weird and fun and has tons of energy. and i love it, even if it is a tiny bit poppy.

voodoo says 9/10 on first impression

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