Monday, February 2, 2015

Naoko Kobayashi (小林奈央子) [2015] (album) Jet Engine Model

wow!  i feel like i was on kind of a cold streak there for a bit, but two great albums tonight plus ali project last night.. feelin good! japan saves the day. naoko seems to be kind of a newcomer as far as i can tell, but she's really good. her music has enough rock elements to it to give it some good energy, but she's really got a good vibe for a pop-ish singer songwriter type thing. i love these shorter albums. i don't get bored halfway through and i even go back and spin it a second time and get a little more familiar with the material. this one is 7 sweet tracks clocking in at under 25 minutes. it feels fresh and motivated. she doesn't sound like she is imitating anyone or recycling shit. she's got some shit she wants to do and she's doin it, and i like it.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

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