Friday, February 13, 2015

Tokyo Karan Koron (東京カランコロン) [2015] (album) Ututu

because i feel like it, tonight you get a little history lesson. from about 2001 to 2010 i was completely, 100%, hopelessly obsessed with japanese music, actively collecting and archiving it like a madman. around 2010 or 2011 i had started to give up on the endeavor realizing that there was no way i could stay ahead of the curve with the unending stream of new releases and the unending well of past releases that were still being uncovered. most of the file sharing places and most of the sharers had lost (or never had) any kind of quality control over japanese releases and things just got to be a real mess. i was also focusing on other things in my life, and one thing led to another and while i was still actively listening to my gigantic collection all the time and turning my attention toward buying actual cds, my efforts in downloading new stuff basically completely disappeared. until now. and while i have little hope of catching up on the vastness of the last 5 years (and there simply aren't the same resources on the web as there were 5 years ago, with no blogs and forums and such, and trackers having lost a ton of that material over time... if only there were other archivers out there like myself who had it all nice and tidy for me to grab...), i do intend to get back into the game to some degree. and doing so turns up bands like tokyo karan koron, who appeared on the scene in 2010 and have released numerous albums since then. i'm bummed they haven't been in my playlists the last 5 years, cuz this album fucking rocks. and seeing when these guys came out and how much i've missed is what sparked the train of thought for the above rant. and i'm sure there are hundreds of other bands that i've missed out on and many of them i may never get a chance to catch up on.. so i just have to celebrate the ones i do.  this album is high energy fun from start to finish, and if this is what their 6th album sounds like, i sure as hell need to go back and try out their first few. you should too.

voodoo says 8/10 on first impression

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