Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Decemberists [2015] (album) What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

I'm not overly familiar with the decemberists catalog. when the first song started i was immediately frightened that i was going to get a quiet minimalist folk album. by the time that first song ended i was relieved to find that was not going to be the case. then the second song started. i was immediately frightened that the rest of the album would be infused with that AWFUL 70's folk rock sound... the fuckin nasty shit orchestra sound. but somehow throughout the song they got it to work and not make me want to barf. then i got to sit back and enjoy the ride for a while with a really fucking great album... at least for a few songs. then they fuckin went minimal on me and i god damn nearly fell asleep. track 8 and 9 really fucking redeemed them though with some friggin killer folk songs and the rest of the album kept a pretty good pace (well the last two were kinda snoozers).  wtf  look, i get that sometimes people like to make slow quiet beautiful songs.. that's great. i dunno. i just feel like those songs should at least be something that stirs some kind of emotion besides frustration. maybe you should want to sing along or something. shit. make a fucking album that is cool all the way through, shitheads.  the high points can get pretty high. but damn the lows get low. so.. shit. there were moments when i was feeling 8. and others where i was feeling 4. sooo..

voodoo says 6/10 on first impression

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