Sunday, February 8, 2015

Marshall Art [2015] (album) Marshall Art

my apologies for no posts this week. its been a week from hell at work (i thought last week would be the end of it, but unfortunately i was wrong). been working 11.5 hour days, getting home (or going to a friend's house), eating dinner and fucking crashing. so, no time for blogging. despite this being my only day off and spending it mostly out with friends i thought i'd take the opportunity of my couple hours to myself to pop on a new album.

chiptune is an incredibly beautiful and fun form of music in my opinion and i guess i haven't really sought it out so it doesn't seem like there is as much of it out there as there should be, but its probably just that i haven't bothered looking. there are numerous artists whom i have stumbled upon and USUALLY they are very good. sometimes people can even fuck that up and make bland or uninspired music, but usually i find that people who bother to spend the time figuring out how to make chiptune stuff make pretty fucking cool music. marshall art falls into this category of cool artists. the thing i really love about this album is that it isn't traditional chiptunery. it doesn't sound like video game music, but rather like an amalgamation of various kinds of rock music smooshed together with a cinematic sort of vibe, yet with the pleasant sounds of chiptunes AND real guitars. i listened to this twice in a row, and then spun the final epic 20 minute track a third time. just a fucking beautiful album. fuck it, this might be my favorite release of the year so far. top 10 potential for the year. i don't want it to end.

voodoo says 9/10 on first impression

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